Top 10 ways to avoid your mobile phone catching fire

Every now and then there has been some kind of panic over the instances of mobile phone catching fire or exploding. These practices can ensure that you are keeping good care of your favorite smartphone and ensure its long life.

A CEO of a Malaysian company Cradle Fund, Nazrin Hassan, recently died due to his mobile phone catching fire and resulting in the explosion of his smartphone.  Though the exact make of the smartphone is not known, the CEO was reportedly using devices from BlackBerry and Huawei.

Incidentally, this is not an isolated case of mobile phone catching fire and fire causing death. There have been several such cases reported in the past, out of which several were from India also. One of the biggest reasons for such mobile phone catching fire and causing explosions is the lithium-ion batteries found inside the phones. These batteries gets heated up during the process of charging and may become quite hot. Prolonged use also sometimes heats the batteries. So, although there is no sure shot way to avoid your smartphone or mobile phone from catching fire, following these 10 tips can prevent your phone from catching fire and become explosive.

1. Use original chargers

All the smartphone manufacturers insist that users should only use chargers made by the original phone manufacturers. In case the charger breaks down/starts malfunctioning or gets lost, one should always look for an original charger or one from a branded company that deals in original components. If the charger is purchased from the latter then one should ensure using a charger with the proper rating. Fake and unbranded chargers should be avoided like a hot potato.

2. Always choose original batteries from the manufacturer or a branded company

Like the chargers, it is very important that you use original or a manufacturer-approved battery for powering your handset. Also, you should keep a close eye for any physical damage or deformity which may lead to battery leak and the possibility of explosion. It is also important to change a smartphone’s old battery in time.

3. Be careful where you charge

Nowadays we frequently charge our phones near the bed or on the bed. Never do this. Also, the proximity of water should be avoided while charging the phone. Kindly note that charging your smartphone under a pillow can heat it up and raise the temperature enough to cause a fire. You should also avoid exposing your device to direct sunlight and manufacturers advise against leaving your phone in a hot place like a car’s dashboard, or next to a radiator.

4. Avoid charging for long

Prolonged or frequent charging of your device beyond 90% may reduce the efficiency of the battery. It is not required to continue charging of your smartphone once it reaches 90 percent of charge. Instead, let it drain and this will also lead to increase the life of the battery.  The p[ractice of leaving your smartphone to charge overnight should be strictly avoided and you must remember to unplug once it is charged.

5. Avoid charging your phone in power strip extension cord

It is always prudent not to use power strip extension cords to charge your smartphone. If any other device attached to any one of the other sockets of the same strip extension cord, it may cause irreparable damage to your smartphone as well.

6. The Warning Signs

If the battery swells up or feels bloated, if it gets extremely hot or makes a hissing sound, you should turn off the device and unplug it immediately from the power source. Keep the device in an isolated area, away from anything flammable and don’t throw it in the trash.

7. Remove case while charging

Let’s accept it. We all purchase costly phone cases which reflect our personality. However, these are not at all good for the health of our smartphone. These cases restrict the dissipation of heat from the smartphone and hence, it is always advised to remove your phone cases while you charge the phone.

8. Don’t exert pressure

Another important point to take care of is to avoid exerting pressure on your smartphone, say keeping it under the heavy things inside your bag.

9. Don’t drop your mobile frequently

How a smartphone will react after a hard drop is very difficult to predict — it depends on the external and internal damage it sustained. An impact may dislocate the internal battery separator between the cathode and anode, which may lead to an increase in temperature while charging and even fire.

10. Repair At Authorised Centres

Always get your smartphone repaired from an authorized service center of the manufacturer or an authorized third-party service center. Streets of Indian metros (Khan markets, Chandni Chowks etc.) are dotted with single table smartphone repair shops, but they are frequently un-authorized.  Avoid using their services at all cost if you want to ensure proper care of your smartphone. Authorized centers have the infrastructure to ensure checking of all technical properties of your phone and also have the proper hardware and original software for your device.


These are the top 10 ways to avoid your mobile phone catching fire. Hope you like this article. If you need advice on any kind of technical issues with your smartphones or any kind of devices, please feel free to share it in the comment section given below. We will promptly ensure feedback on the same.

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