SBI introduces new guidelines on net banking services

State Bank of India issued new guidelines on net banking services. It has been decided to discontinue the net banking services for customers who have not registered their mobile number with the bank. The deadline for registration of mobile number is before the 1st of  December of 2018. To make the customers aware of this new guidelines, SBI has already started displaying an alert message as a scrolling message on the website of the bank. This awareness message is being displayed on the online SBI website for the benefit of the interests of the customers.

new guidelines on net banking services @lightlybrowse.comAs per the new guidelines on net banking services, those who are using Net Banking facility should as soon as possible get their mobile number linked to their account. On July 6, 2017, the banks were asked to confirm these by issuing directions on behalf of the RBI. In the same circular RBI had asked all the banks to ensure that all the accounts are linked with customer’s mobile number and are registered for SMS alert. It was also compulsory to link the customer’s email address with the account. This is very important for those who have mobile banking and net banking facilities activated with their bank accounts.

Some other useful mobile banking tips:-

  • Never open or install any flash player application from unknown sources
  • avoid downloading of apps from third-party app stores or links given in SMS or emails
  • verify app permissions before installing any app
  • never grant administrative privileges to any application
  • if you find any app is asking for administrative privileges IMMEDIATELY DELETE/UNINSTALL it
  • keep your mobile’s OS updated
  • use mobile anti-virus software
  • DO NOT SHARE your PASSWORD/PIN/MPIN/OTP with anyone. Your bank will never ask for these details
  • never respond to any POP-UP, SMS, email or Phone call, no matter how appealing or seemingly official it may be, seeking your username, password(s), mobile number, ATM Card details, CVC codes etc.
  • Do not use Internet Banking if your computer is not free of malware (Viruses, Trojans etc.)

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