Do these 5 things if your mobile phone is getting heated up!

Not just smartphones, all electronic devices will feel hot if used continuously. The cause of the smart phone is getting heated up is the processor and the use of its smartphone itself. Every day new brands and models of mobile phones are being launched in the market. All of these are trying to fight each other to catch your interest. All of them want you to spend your money and take them home. However, a frequent complaint from buyers is, that their phone is getting heated up! We immediately get worried and a fear comes into our mind of our mobile phone catching fire. However, it is very easy to avoid any such kind of situation if we are careful in using our precious procession and follow the below given 5 steps:-

1. Do not open many apps or programs simultaneously.

Most of these apps take much of your memory space and makes the CPU run unnecessarily resulting in the processor of the phone is getting heated up. Close apps which are not inuse currently and thereby freeing up space inside your phones memory and also enable your phones CPU to get idle time

2. Ensure your smart phone software is updated frequently.

Mobile phone companies are constantly making endeavors to upgrade their mobile devices to add value to their service and increase security of the devices. Many new viruses or malwares are already present in the network and many new ones are also being introduced by hackers on a regular basis. The mobile companies release new versions of the software or upgrades to take care of such issues. If possible, install a good antivirus system also in your mobile

3. Please free-up RAM and Cache memory.

Regularly clean up you RAM and Cache memory from unwanted running of programs. Delete unwanted messages.  Stop background animation programs. When you do not want switch off the Wi-Fi network.

4.  You should avoid using covers.

Using covers on your smart-phone stops conduction of heat to the outside environment. If at all necessary, then you should carefully chose a cover which conducts heat and enables the phone to dissipate the heat generated by the processor and the amplifier section of the smart phone.

5. Avoid charging over-nite.

You should not sleep putting your smart-phone on charge for the entire night. On one hand it reduces the life of the Li ion battery being used inside the smart phone and on the other hand it heats up the battery and may lead to phone is getting heated and the phone catching fire.

Conclusion: It is now very easy to avoid a situation where your phone is getting heated. If you are careful in using your smart-phone and follow the above procedures correctly then there is no reason why your precious little device will not give you a long and fruitful service life and give you many reasons to smile.

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  • September 13, 2018 at 10:22 am

    hi ,thank u for sharing such a wonderful information,its very helpful to us.
    this blog is truly helpful.

    • September 15, 2018 at 3:46 pm

      Hi Ashutosh. Thank you for your motivation. Keep visiting us for more updates


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