6 ways to keep Android smartphones safe

Nowadays Android phones have become very popular especially in developing and under developed countries where purchasing an Apple iPhone may be out of reach of an ordinary citizen. Android phones on the other hand is also very popular in first world countries due to its simple user interface and availability of wide varieties of Apps. However, there are a number of security problems because of the such high popularity of Android phones. If you want to keep android smartphones safe it might not be a very difficult activity. Today we will talk about 6 ways to keep Android smartphones safe.
1. Memory space.

The biggest problem on how to keep android smartphones safe is its spaces. No matter how expensive you are using the phone, you will always need more space. Thousands of Android phones Apps and its different uses slowly but definitely occupy most of its free space. So it is important for you to transfer apps from regular internal storage or phone memory to SD card. This will ensure that they are not occupying memory space and a lot of phone memory in it will remain free. The phone will run smoothly. Besides this, you can delete many apps which you are not using frequently, please ensure that you remove the cache files of the deleted apps also from your device. Othrwise the left over data and cache files will cause the phone to become slow. If you want to delete these cache files, you can go to the settings and chose to delete for individual apps or use apps like Clean Master Security which allows you to delete the cache files and keep android smartphones safe.

2. RAM

Another vital thing to keep android smartphones safe is its RAM. Having less free RAM means that the smart phone will run slower or get frequently hanging while running programs. To enable freeing up RAM, you can use a good quality RAM booster. In this case also, the Clean Master can meet your needs. With a shortcut widget, you can boost your RAM with one click.

3. Using Drop Down Menu

You may have been running a lot of apps on your device because of the long usage of the phone. You might not be using these apps now, but these apps are running in the background. As a result, your device performance gradually decreases. To get rid of this, you have to use the Drop down menu. Different devices have different ways to access Drop Down menu. However, the most common way to access it is to keep long press on the Home button of the devices and the Drop down menu comes up. Here you can see which are the apps that are currently running on your device. You can just close apps by swiping left to right (as applicable).

4. Bloatware

Some of the apps that are provided as factory setup on your device, you may never be using them forever, these are called Bloatwares. These apps may never be directly used by you or you may never find any usage of these. However, you have to keep these apps. You can not even get rid of these apps even if you flash it. These apps will occupy the extra RAM of your device memory. If you root your device then you might be able to get rid of some of these apps, but even then the phone may become unstable and reboot itself frequently of go into boot loop. Otherwise, you can go to app settings and click on any app that you want to disable. This way, you can avoid those apps from occupying precious space in your smartphone’s memory.

5). Freezing/Crashes

It happens on many devices, suddenly the device hangs, or while running some app or program the phone might suddenly start to reboot or freezes on the main screen. What do you do in this case? But before knowing you to rectify this one should know why does this happen and for that reason how to avoid this? We generally browse so many forums and blogs and start downloading various apk files available over there and click them to install the apps unaware that this might cause several harmful viruses/malwares/phishing programs to enter our device. These apps causes many problems while running apps on your device simultaneously which in turn reduces the multi-tasking power of the hand-set. In this case, you should always download and install an app only from a trusted source and review it’s risk level by going through the user reviews of the app in question. Avoid installing any of the high risk apps on your device. You can find many apps to view app risks in Google Play Store. An app such as the Mobile Security app can help you in this.

6). Battery Life

The most worrying thing for an Android phone users is the life of battery life which is frequently reported to be less. The main reason for high drainage of battery is running so many programs at the same time. And if you are using 3G or 4G in your smartphones, it is impossible to run the smartphone on a single charge per day. You have to charge the device at least twice on a daily basis. You can use the Battery Doctor-Battery Life Saver & Battery Cooler  app to increase the battery life of the device. Battery Doctor (Power Saver) is a free and professional battery saver app to stop power-draining apps, save battery life and protect battery health and will help you to keep android smartphone safe.

Conclusion: The Android Phones that are currently available in the market are very susceptible to misuse and breakdown if not used properly. Please follow the above mentioned 6 ways to keep Android smartphones safe.

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