#WorkLife: 10 phrases to make you sound like a leader

Wondering about phrases to make you sound like a leader? Always you think your colleagues are taking wind away from your sails by using jargon phrases which impress your Boss and other superiors? Are you feeling frustrated because you are not able to come out with top jargon phrases to make you sound like a leader? Are you not able to impress your subordinates due to loss of jargon words and phrases? Fear not! Here are 10 jargon phrases to demonstrate your leadership qualities.

Everybody loves to be perceived as an inspiring leader at work. I am sure you also want to be perceived as a great leader at work, don’t you? You also would like to be seen as the leader of the pack. You would also like to use the jargons being used by John or Peter and be appreciated by your Boss, isn’t it?

There is no shortcut formula to be a successful leader, and as said by someone famous, “Shortcuts doesn’t always prove to be helpful”.

However, you can show off your skills and sound more professional and in control of things at work if you use these phrases that would demonstrate your leadership skills.

1. We need all hands on deck

2. Let’s give this our 110 percent

3. Let’s not reinvent the wheel

4. Here the rubber meets the road

5. You need to walk and chew gum

6. Let’s not piss in the wind

7. I need a drop-dead date

8. We need a paradigm shift

9. Let’s not put lipstick on a pig

10. We got to walk the talk

11. What’s keeping you up at night?

12. Let me just turn the question around, and ask you

13. Let me show you some research

14. That’s a really good observation, and I’d like to spend some time reflecting on that before we go any further

15. I really don’t have an answer on that right now

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One thought on “#WorkLife: 10 phrases to make you sound like a leader

  • November 19, 2018 at 4:03 am

    Spot on with this. These are really good suggestions. I’ll try to use some of these to present my points in a more professional way.


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