15 Office Jargon Phrases That Makes You Intelligent At Work

Do you want to look like an intelligent worker? Here are 15 smart office jargon phrases that will help.

I’m sure we would all love to get noticed as very intelligent at meetings and be taken seriously at work.

However, so many times we feel that we are putting in our best, but are not able to express your thoughts intelligently and accurately. We are frequently missing the smart office jargon phrases.

Or frequently find yourself to be at a loss for words during meetings!

Job Be Damned by Rishi Piparaiya helps to gain a new perspective to navigate every tricky workplace situations.

in this book, the author speaks to a cross-section of people, from trainees to CXO level employees.

The author ensures that by the time one has completed reading the book, even an average employee will become the best ever average employee.

He recommends dropping in some business jargons and business buzzwords in meetings to enhance the perception that one is trying to create.

Here are some cliches that he suggests as most relevant.

He clarified that he does not have any intention to reinvent the wheel, but he is only taking a stab at re-classifying the low hanging fruits. At the end of the day, one must leverage whatever s/he feels appropriate and do the needful.

1. We can leverage this.

2. Let’s blue sky a bit.

3. Let me do some quick back-of-the-envelope calculations.

4. Let’s peel the onion further.

5. Let’s not try and boil the ocean.

6. This involves a lot of moving parts.

7. My ballpark estimate is…

8. So, what is the value proposition here?

9. We got to take this from soup to nuts.

10. We don’t want to be cannibalizing our product.

11. That’s a very cookie cutter approach.

12. We are creating a body of work.

13. We need to think out-of-the-box.

14. I’m just thinking laterally here.

15. We are talking an X percent delta here…

Let us know your comments on the 15 jargon phrases mentioned above.

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